About Joy Steinberg Graphic Artist


I grew up in Japan, rural New Jersey and the suburbs of New York City. I went to the Hudson River Valley for four years of a very liberal arts education. Then it was on to New York City for some more arts education and experience, to Cambridge Massachusetts, and finally further north to Boston and New Hampshire.  Whew!

I have been creating art since I was a child in Japan and studied fine arts at the Art Students League of New York, Bard College, Parsons School of Design and Cambridge Center for Continuing Education.  I have been a freelance illustrator for 20 years and a multimedia graphic designer for over 15 years.

My art style is influenced both by my rich Jewish - Japanese heritage and my environment, both rural and urban. My pen and ink illustrations and print making tend toward an Asian simplicity while my computer graphics are often client driven and have a different kind of depth and complexity from my other work. My murals and craft work are often whimsical, joyful and rich with color.

I am easy to work with and enjoy working with a team.  I am great at coming up with original design solutions but I am also known for my ability to accommodate my client’s vision.

My art career began in New York in the mid 1980’s creating layouts for a word processing firm and continued as an Illustrator for Woman’s World Magazine’s Beauty pages. Since then I have continued illustrating with pen and ink and watercolor, embracing new mediums of creativity and creating art for a variety of clients.

In the early 1990’s I published a series of Aquatint Sugar Lift prints in Boston, as well as starting a multimedia development company called Audio Visual Group, later Mediactive with my husband Rob Graham who went on to form LearningCraft and TrainingCraft education and training companies.

During our years as Mediactive, we created hundreds of products for publishers, educational companies, hospitals, museums, multimedia developers and a host of individuals.  These included print work, video, CD-ROMs, kiosks and web pages.  I headed the art department and was personally responsible for all the artwork that Mediactive created.

I have continued as a freelance graphic designer, designing interactive advertisements for corporate as well as independent clients.  I have recently begun assisting small businesses in creating logos for their corporate identity, as well as painting murals and furniture for educational institutions, businesses and individuals. 

To learn more about me or to hire me for upcoming projects, email me at: Joy@JoySteinberg.com or call me at (781) 820-6701!

Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Artist, Muralist, Multimedia Artist,

Art Instructor


(781) 820-6701

I Love creating art and helping others tell their story through

design, illustration and Environmental painting!